A Life for Tomorrow: Social Transformations in South-East Europe

Edited by Predrag Cvetičanin, Ilina Mangova and Nenad Markovikj Most of the papers in this book were presented at the international conference held in Skopje (Macedonia) in July 2013, organized by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis“ and the Department of Political Science of the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of [...]

Us and Them – Symbolic Divisions in Western Balkan Societies

Edited by Ivana Spasić and Predrag Cvetičanin The primary goal of the authors in this volume was to identify the basic symbolic divisions in Serbian society and discursive strategies used to construct, maintain, legitimize or contest these divisions. They looked at how various kinds of symbolic divisions are instantiated [...]

Social and Cultural Capital in Western Balkan Societies

Edited by Predrag Cvetičanin and Ana Birešev The volume “Social and Cultural Capital in Western Balkan Societies” came into being as part of the project that was designed as the application, in general terms, of the Bourdieusian model to the study of transition and social stratification in the transitional [...]

Social and Cultural Capital in Serbia

Edited by Predrag Cvetičanin The book “Social and Cultural Capital in Serbia” focuses on the investigation of the structure of the distribution of various types and sub-types of capital – which represent the immanent structure of society in Serbia – and of the strategies of individuals and social groups [...]

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